We make web apps.

We specialize in efficient, rapid development of web applications, mobile apps, and custom digital solutions, catering to both IT and non-IT sectors with the latest technology trends.
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Experts in everything from simple websites to complex applications and IT systems, our team combines experience with versatility to tackle any digital challenge.

Web App Development

We deliver top-notch web development with a focus on Next.js and Node.js, ensuring high-performance, scalable applications with responsive, user-friendly designs using Tailwind CSS. Perfect for businesses and startups seeking cutting-edge, efficient solutions.

Mobile App Development

Covalit crafts dynamic mobile apps with seamless cross-device performance, offering custom development for Google Play, App Store, Huawei AppGallery, and internal deployment. Your go-to choice for versatile mobile application services.

Complex IT Solutions

Our proficiency in Next.js, Node.js, Go, and our adept use of Tailwind CSS and Svelte, equips us to handle sophisticated IT projects. From system architecture to problem-solving in complex environments, we provide comprehensive, tailored IT solutions.



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